Monday, July 27, 2015

A Challenge to Myself

Y'all know I LOVE running.  It's one of my passions.  I'm not fast, but I have found that I have great endurance if I work up to it.

The peak of my running life was a couple years ago when I ran the RAGNAR and my first (and only, so far) half marathon.

That was my best summer I have ever had!  Oh, the glory days... sigh... Then last summer I was in my last months of pregnancy.  I continued to run, but I was lucky to get 2-3 miles in at a time.  I finished my pregnancy with the last run of 2.5 miles that actually ruptured my water just over 38 weeks.  That was the best labor and delivery! (I mean it wasn't fun, per se, I mean we are talking pushing 8 pound babies out of small holes, after all -- but it was by far the "best" of my four).

Then I had to wait the 6 weeks after to start running again... and I did.  But man was my body fighting me!  There was all the pregnancy weight I had put on, the weeks without running (it really takes a toll when you go so long), and the whole my-body-is-still-recovering-from-a-BIG-event.  It didn't help that I was nursing and my chest hurt when I ran... like a lot.  When baby was about 5 months he weened himself, and I was gearing up to start training for a 1/2 marathon I wanted to run in October.

Yeah, that lasted a couple weeks.... because then I found out I was pregnant and a couple days later the extreme exhaustion and nausea hit.  Trust me, when you can't keep your eyes open, you have 3 boys running around and another one that needs your constant care, running is the LAST thing on your mind!

Then I got put on "pelvic rest" because of the bleeding.  So no extra curricular activities with the husband and no running.

This week I finally got the big "okay" to start running and enjoying other things.  So my first challenge to myself is to get back to running.  But I don't want to to over do it, and hurt myself and the baby.  That would be stupid.  So I am going to start slow with the Couch to 5K program (C25K).  I think it's excellent for someone in my spot...  Start off slow and repeat weeks if I have to.  I really have no reason to run more than 3 miles while pregnant anyway.  I'm not trying to prove anything, I am just trying to keep myself and the baby healthy, the weight under control, and hope for a smooth labor and delivery like last time.

My goal is to run a 5K the last week of this 2nd trimester. I know it's a lofty goal and a little crazy... especially for a pregnant woman who hasn't gotten her running grove back yet.  But I think I can do it.  I really do.  I did Day One Week One this morning and it was actually pretty easy... so I am pretty sure I got this.  I guess we will see, huh?

Any beginners, preggers, or out-of-shapers want to join me??  Train and run a 5K by the end of Sept?


Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Story Behind the Craziness!

Since posting our pregnancy announcement yesterday, we have been met with mixed reactions.  From profanity to "are you sure it's a boy?" to many congratulatory responses and even laughter.  It's all good, we knew people would react those ways because, hey, we are having our 5th boy -- conceived when our last one was only 5 months.  Yeah, it's crazy.

Then everyone wants the story.  So here it is:

First off, I know your primary question is: was it planned?  No, it wasn't.

If you read back to after I had my last baby, I wrote about my plans for taking my body back, getting back in shape and running a marathon.  Having another baby was the LAST thing on our minds. Wow, I just had a baby!  That was so great!  Let's have another one right now!!  Said NO ONE EVER!

Little Joseph had just weened himself off the breast -- ALL my boys lose interest at 5 months (it's really weird).  So I was finishing off the mini pill and had just had my first period since I got pregnant on April 10th.  I called my doctor and I told her that I needed a new pill because I wasn't nursing anymore.  I got an appointment for April 29th, but I had to take a pregnancy test on the day before to make sure I wasn't pregnant and getting on the pill.  So I got the test (blood test) and went in the next day.  The test was NEGATIVE.  So I got all my new pills, and the doctor told me not to start until I started my next period and to take the first pill on the first day I started.  Okay, my period was due in a week, so Ben and I used protection until I could start on the new pill.

So I waited for it to start, and it didn't.  I was really confused because I was usually right on day 28.  But then I rationalized that I had only had one since the baby, and my body was probably still adjusting.

And I waited...

A week went by... then two....

I started to get concerned that something might be wrong with my hormone levels or something.  Not once did it cross my mind that I could be pregnant.  It took us a year and a half to get pregnant with Jake, and 5 months to get pregnant with Joseph, and was NOT on birth control.

So, I thought, well, I have this left over test from the last time, might as well take it just for the peace of mind that I will probably start the next day.

I hadn't even finished pulling up my pants and it was giving me the double lines.

I just stared at it.  Then I said some choice words no good Mormon girl would ever say.

Then I cried.

How could this happen!?  We were taking precautions!!!  I had just had that blood test that said negative!  I had JUST HAD A BABY!!!! This wasn't happening....

Ben was out in the field until later that night, so I had to keep it all to myself as I feed the kids dinner and cleaned up the house and got them to bed.

When he finally came home tired and smelly, I sat him down and told him:

"I'm pregnant."

He just stared at me for a second while it clicked in his tired brain.  Then he did the unexpected and smiled.  "THAT'S AWESOME!!"  Wait... what?!  

"Are you serious!?"

"Yeah!  That's awesome!  Wait until I tell the guys!!"  I guess there is some kind of social status hierarchy for men who knock up their women while using birth control... like it's super manly or something.  I just wanted to flick him in the forehead... or punch him in the nose.

I started crying and he held me for a bit and told me it was going to be alright... if the Lord was going to mess with birth control it must be meant to be.... that kind of stuff.

I didn't want to tell anyone, but just the next week after that I REALLY started showing... it was so embarrassing... back into my maternity clothes!  So I finally fessed up to my family and those I saw every day.  But it took me a couple months to really come to terms with the fact I was going to have another baby at the end of the year.  New baby and Joseph will only be 14 months apart.  I know they will grow up close, and that's cool, but it's not cool on my poor body.

It takes me a year to recover after having a baby.  This pregnancy has been hard because of that.  I bleed for 4 weeks... I thought I was miscarrying and ended up in the ER.  Everything looked good so they just chalked it up to my body trying to make sense out of all the craziness.

I have never been morning sick until this one, either.  Sprite Zero has been my friend.

So I thought, it might be a girl.  But I KNEW it was another boy, because that's how we roll.

I got really anxious about it so we scheduled an ultrasound at 15 weeks to find out the gender so I would stop obsessing and felt like I could finally officially announce it.

We went in yesterday, and the second that wand hit my stomach I saw the boy part... After 4 boys you get really good at reading ultrasounds. I usually don't post my boy parts ultrasound pictures, but since there has been many questions about the validity of the ultrasound, here it is, judge for yourself:

Here are a couple other shots:
 Below, he is waving to us:
This one is awesome because you can see all his fingers as he sucks his thumb (It's amazing what you can see these days at only 15 weeks old!!):

Was I disappointed it wasn't a girl?  I don't know.  I mean, I thought it would be awesome to have a girl, but I KNOW boys.  Boys are my thing.  I'm pretty good at it, I think.  And I pretty much knew the whole time it was a boy, I just got the male vibe.  

I'm okay with it!  It's going to be fun!  Boys are crazy, dirty, loud, out of control, and completely precious... and they adore me :)  It's going to be great fun!


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Back to School Rant

WARNING: Stressed Out Mama.  If you love me too much to think negative thoughts about me, skip this post -- because I am not on my best behavior.

I try to stay positive these days... but there is something really vexing me.  I have to write about it... even just to vent a little.  So be patient and kind... this doesn't happen often, but here I go!

There is something about back to school shopping that gives me serious anxiety just thinking of it!  I know some people LOVE the deals, the crowds, the every-man-for-himself-fight-for-the-50-cent-crayons... But for me, I literally have a physical reaction when I think about it.  Like a give-me-a-paper-sack-I-am-going-to-hyperventilate reaction.  And I break out like a teenager.  It's horrible.  I hate it.  My bank account hates it.

This is what gets me, the back to school shopping lists.

Loath is too kind of a word for my feelings about the shopping lists.

Public schools get how much from the state and federal government for each child enrolled??  According to the Census Bureau, on average (although it varies from state to state) the government pays $10,615 for each child to attend school.  My question is WHERE THE HECK DOES THAT MONEY GO?!

Okay, sure you have to pay the teachers, administrators, and bus drivers.  And some will go to uptake of the building and gas for the buses.  But my kids have iPads in their class rooms.  Pricey big screen computerized projectors. When we were in Utah, their classes had "Smart Boards" - an interactive computer instead of the old chalk or dry erase board.  I walk into the classroom and I think, HOLY COW, they don't need this stuff?!  And sadly, they aren't getting the quality of education I did 20+ years ago... so all the fancy shmancy stuff isn't making them any smarter.  Having 2 boys with ADHD, all the electronics and stuff hanging all over the walls really affects their learning... too much stimuli by far.  And I can't help but think of all the class room supplies and books they could buy for the cost of ONE of those iPads.

Back in the day, when I was growing up, crayons, pencils, markers, erasers, folders, and other basic supplies were covered and supplied by the school.  We brought our own school clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and totally awesome TrapperKeepers.  That was it.  I brought my lunch mostly, but you could buy school lunch or qualify for free lunch if you were low income (those haven't changed, except the cost of buying school lunch is OUTRAGEOUS for what they are feeding them now... no thanks!)

Now we have to pay for our own school supplies.  Which can range from $75 (if you are super frugal) to $200 for 2 kids attending public school.  We have to cover the classroom supply of disinfectant wipes, tissue, and hand sanitizer, as well.  During the year, they have stupid fund raisers sometimes twice a month.  TWICE A MONTH.  We have to buy the kids a dumb t-shirt they only wear once every time they go on a field trip or have some special activity.  (I get this feeling of rage every time I see an order form tucked in with their homework).

The book fair.  Do we really need to go there?!  They have one every other month, and they brain wash our kids into believing they must torture their parents with constant nagging until we give in and send them with money.  If the library is hurting for books so bad (the book fair excuse) why don't they ask for donations?  I would gladly donate some books!!  Even if they had to be new.  But for the love of all things holy, stop badgering us to attend the book fair! (I'm talking daily pre-recorded phone calls, people).

There's School pictures.  Then comes Class Pictures.  Then comes Spring School pictures where they pretty much look the same but are standing up... Then don't forget to fork out the big bucks for a year book because if your kid doesn't have one he/she will be left out of the social activities the last week of school.  Seriously?  Year books in elementary school?

Field trips:  I have never NOT had to pay for a class field trip.  If we don't pay, our kids don't go.  Feeling the fury just thinking about it.

And then my favorite part:  if forking out all the money for all of the above isn't enough, when you enroll each year, they ask for a registration/enrollment fee (or whatever they call it) and they tell you it is to help with class room supplies.  Ummm... excuse me, but didn't we just send our kid with a backpack loaded with class room supplies??

Breath.  Take deep breaths...

There are some things I do like and don't mind doing (or not doing):

-I don't have to pay for my kids to take the bus -- well, unless you count the taxes we paid that goes toward it.

-Our school has really good security and I feel safe sending the boys there.

-The teachers are fabulous.

-They are willing to work with my boys issues.

-Collecting box tops and Labels for education is cool-- I am all over that!

- And I really like sending my kids back to school. Period.

Seriously, that commercial never gets old... It's a classic!

I know that school boards are elected and it is a politically thing.  But I really wish there were people in there that were spending and allocating the money more wisely.  Public school is becoming pricey and hardly affordable to families who struggle, and it was NEVER meant to be that way!  It was meant to be free for all to come and learn.  I feel like the true meaning of education has been lost in all the cool gadgets and technology that is available these days.  I understand that there is exceptions for special needs children, they are always an exception when it comes to awesome technological advances... but for the rest of the kids, well, I guess I am "old school" in every sense of the word.  It breaks my heart that my kids aren't getting the great experience I had attending school as a kid.... (Like not getting to really celebrate holidays in school anymore, even Halloween is forbidden. Or the lack of recess time -- my kids get ONE recess... ONE.  We had 3!!  And STILL had plenty of learning time... imagine that...)

I suppose the only real answer is to homeschool.  But I don't think I have it in me.  Honestly, summers are super hard.  I LOVE my boys, but they have certain needs and learn in ways I don't understand.  They LOVE going to school.  They have tons of friends!

So I should just stop complaining...


PS is it me or do backpacks get pricier every year!  Holy cow, I can't afford this!

Saturday, July 11, 2015


No matter how much I may beg you, do NOT let me even near your electronics. I am totally convinced I am horribly cursed. These last two months:

1. Broke a kindle, can't be fixed.
2. Broke my phone, couldn't be fixed.
3. My beloved laptop, fried the motherboard. Can't be fixed.
4. Broke a DVD player, had to trash it.
5. And today, I lost my beloved desktop computer to a horrible virus that completely wiped the hard drive and I lost everything. Luckily, I had most of my photos backed up on the laptop which still has a functioning hard drive... we just need another computer to recover them, which we now don't.

I seriously have the worst luck. And we have no money to replace any of it. Well, I did get a phone... but everything else... I guess we will just have to go without. I am beyond bummed!! Right now, I am tying this on my other kindle, and I tell you it is a pain!

So blogging is going to have to be put on the back burner for now. Not that it hasn't been for the last couple months since I lost my lap top... but for longer this time. Hopefully, we will get a miracle and be able to have a computer again.

Much thanks for all your love and support, I hope to hear from you when I can return.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Six Things it's Okay to Say to Parents of Lots of Kids

You know all those blog posts kicking around called "Ten Things Never to Say to (enter your favorite minority)".  At first, I thought they were informative, if not a little over sensitive.  But in the last year, I think the movement has gotten out of control.  Let's face it, we live in a society now where basically we can't say anything to anyone without fear of being accused of being an insensitive d-bag.  It's plain silliness, in my book.  How can we possibly educate people about our circumstances if they are afraid to ask or talk about things.  (Disclaimer:  There are some that are totally hilarious, I'm not talking about those.  I am talking about the ones making fun of people who just want to understand)

Now, I have to add, that we also live in a time where most of people's social behavior is online these days.  How many of us wouldn't DARE say the things in person we say on Facebook?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  I think a part of us tends to forget that behind that profile pic there is a real, living, and breathing person with feelings.  I think the art of face to face socialization is quickly becoming a lost art.  Being tactful and classy in the things we say becomes a challenge, because face it, we often don't have to worry about that with our online persona.

I try to keep it real.  I often wouldn't say things online that I wouldn't say face to face.  But even I sometimes lose my cool with people in an online setting, when in person, I would have just walked away.

And I am the first to admit that I am a better writer than I am speaker... I often find myself with both feet wedged in my big mouth.

That being said.  In my Pushing Positive goals, I would like to write some posts about what we can and should say to people in certain circumstances.  There is so much about what NOT to say, that we don't know what TO say. Let's play with the positive side.

So I am going to start with the whole lots of kids thing.  That's the first thing people notice about us as we are venturing out in the world doing our thing.

[Note: When I say "Lot's of Kids" I mean more than 2 (If you live in Utah, more than 3 or 4).]

Last week, I took all four boys to Target to get a few things.  I was wearing the baby like this:
The other 3 were hanging off the cart preforming various circus acts... quite impressively, I might add.  In fact, we looked so freaking awesome, other target customers were taking pictures of us.  I chose not to be offended, and instead to feel like a super mom rock star -- I mean, wouldn't you??

A mom and her teenage daughter approached us and asked if they were all boys. Since all my boys have buzz cuts, I assume they weren't sure about the baby -- which is totally fine, because lots of people put their baby girls in blue right??  Anyway, I told them yes, they were all boys.  They ooed and awed and told me how handsome and well-behaved they were.  I chuckled, it totally wasn't true, (the well-behaved part, that is... ) but a mom loved to hear it anyway.  Then they told me they didn't know how I could do it, because they couldn't.  Now, lots of mom's get put out by comment by this, but to me it's a huge compliment... and that's how they mean it.  Yeah, I can handle it, go me!  And strangers admire that.  Go me again!

Living in the south, we are a sideshow everywhere we go.  I've heard it all.  The nice stuff and the nasty stuff.  Yes, we know what "birth control is" -- are you kidding me?  Can you at least TRY to use an original line?

So if you see a big family and you really feel the need to talk to them.  Here are a few things you can say that are totally cool, at least in my book.

1.  "What beautiful kids you have!"  EVERY. MOM. LOVES. TO. HEAR. THIS!  Who doesn't like to bask in the glory of their beautiful offspring?  Grumpy people put your hands down!  Usually, I follow up with a great joke like, "You didn't see them on aisle 5... they weren't so cute then!" but mostly, I go for the classic, "Thanks!"  Either way, I appreciate it.

2.  "Wow! All boys/girls?"  DO NOT follow with "Are you going to try for (the opposite sex) next?"  This is kind of a sore spot that is VERY personal for those with all of the same gender.  Instead, you can add, "You are so blessed!"  We love to hear we are blessed.  Because, we are.

3.  When you see us appropriately disciplining our kids in public, don't hide your faces and rush off like you are ashamed to witness it.  We appreciate it when people notice our efforts to raise decent human beings.  Meet our eyes and give us a smile of way-to-go-mom, or a nod of approval, and if you are in an extra cheesy mood, we even accept thumps up.  (I get those from old people all the time).  Today, at Walmart, I had the baby sitting in the cart, and as I turned to get some yogurt the boys all decided to jump on one side at the same time nearly throwing the baby out.  I caught it just in time, but was livid!  We have the don't hang on the cart like that talk EVERY SINGLE TRIP to the store.  I had them lined up right there next to the dairy and I was giving them the talking to about being good examples and following rules keeps us safe and how they almost killed their little brother.  A woman walked by me and said under her breath, "You tell 'em, Mama!"  I loved that!  It isn't easy to take a public stand, because it's easier to just let them get away with it and be quiet.  So it's nice when people show they appreciate it when I call my kids out then and there.

4.  "What well-behaved kids you have." or "What great little helpers you have!"  Both are nice to hear.  Mom's like to know their hard work is noticed.  It isn't easy to teach kids how to behave in public or to help without complaining.  A couple weeks ago, it was my 8 year old's birthday.  My husband was out in the field with the Army all week, so it was just me and the boys.  He chose to go to lunch at Cheddar's.  So off we went, me feeling all brave going into a restaurant with all the boys and no daddy for backup.  They are very good, if I say so myself.  Of course, they aren't little adults, and they act like kids, but they ate their food and didn't throw it.  Only my 4 year old was exploring under the table.  And the baby was asleep through most of it.  There was this little WWII vet sitting kiddie-corner from us and he kept smiling at me and giving me the thumbs up.  I had to smile.  After he was done eating he came up to me and told me what a great job I was doing.  He said that I hope I know how blessed I was to have 4 healthy boys.  I told him that I knew.  He was so sweet.  

5.  It's okay to ask polite questions.  I get asked if my older two are twins, because they are near the same size.  Totally cool.  I get asked about my 8 year old's red hair, because hey, it's totally awesome!  I get asked their ages, all is well.  I don't mind at all.  For the most part, people are just being friendly.  And you can TELL when they are being rude.  Once I had a lady say to me, "I hope you aren't planning on having MORE."  That was rude and it was said rude.  Some people ask me in a nice tone, "Are you planning on having more?"  This bothers a lot of people, because, yes, it really isn't their business.  Personally, this doesn't bother me.  I just smile and say, "maybe."  But most people aren't me -- so I wouldn't say it....  I had a lady at Walmart ask me today, and after I said my usual "maybe," she just laughed and told me I was amazing and it took a special kind of woman to have several kids.  I took it as a compliment.

6.  "I can tell you're a really good mom!"  It's more than okay to compliment us and our kids.  You may have noticed that there is a trending theme in my lists and that is compliments.  We love them.  It makes our day brighter.  Like everyone, we have good days and bad days and it's those bad days where a Diet Pepsi and massive amounts of chocolate isn't going to cut it, but a nice word from a stranger will.  Let me give you a HUGE hint about how to tell a mom is having a bad day.  Look for yoga pants and no makeup.  Instead of jumping to the conclusion that she has "let herself go", think instead that that mom probably didn't sleep much because her baby is teething and the bigger kids are out of school and are waking up by 6 wanting breakfast.  Her house is mess because her husband just came home from a month long training and after a layer of toys, Army gear has exploded everywhere!  She is tired. Probably grumpy.  And wouldn't even be at the store if they hadn't have run out of milk and diapers.  She is in need of a smile or a kind word.  Don't be afraid to be that person.

I am well aware there are crappy parents out there punching out kids to get government aid and whatnot.  There are parents that are neglectful, abusive, and trashy.  But there are also parents who sacrifice everything to raise great kids.  And let's face it, this world NEEDS decent human beings.  For every bad parent out there, there are a 100 great ones!  It isn't easy to have many kids, but it was a choice we made.  Sure we can't afford to have worldly goods, the best electronics, the fanciest cars, etc... but we don't NEED that.  Our needs have nothing to do with material goods, and everything do with happy, healthy, little people. We find much joy in parenthood... even if we are a little crazy... but that's how we roll!

What are some things you like people to say to you about your kids?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Push Positive!

So you may have noticed I have been gone for a month.  Well, I have a perfectly good reason... or two.  My well-working computer died a horrible death.  Heartbreaking, I know.  It was my super awesome laptop that I got to review a couple years ago.  Boys are hard on electronics.  Period.  As much as I try to keep my stuff away from them, they are sneaky, and clumsy.  My poor laptop chord has been tripped over so many times it shorted out and in turn blew out the motherboard.  So I have been a month in morning over the death of a good companion.  It is true I still have my desk top.  However, it's on it's last leg and every few minutes the screen shuts off.  So it makes it hard to finish a post, you can imagine.

As parents of 4 kiddos, paying off student loans, a mortgage, and other expenses, we don't have extra money kicking around to just buy a new one.  I wish we did.  But with a back fence we need to weatherize and a family vacation coming up, Cat's laptop needs are going to have to wait.

But there is something I have been meaning to write for a while now, something that has been on my mind daily... and it was important enough to try to type a post between screen outages.

Maybe it's just my social media feed, but lately the negativity and rudeness of people has really been stressing me out.  I used to look forward to waking up and seeing what amazing things my friends around the world were up to.  Now, I wake up to this:

1.  Tragic and horrible news stories.

2.  Random studies that prove the point of the poster to an in-you-face level.  If you don't believe what they believe you are basically Satan's minion and you're going to every level of Hell.  (For every study you post, I can find 5 that say the complete opposite, so your not really proving anything, just being a jerk).

3.  Intolerant, mean, and ignorant political stuff from BOTH sides of the aisle.

4.  A lot of hate and hypocrisy.

Am I alone in feeling tired of it?  I try to stay away, but for the handful of friends who post lovely things and wonderful pictures and insightful and inspiring videos and thoughts, I get on.  I get on for my family and friends that are so far away.  I miss them terribly.

I made a goal a few months ago.  I decided only to post positive things.  No matter how much life sucked right now, I was going to look for silver linings.  I'm not talking about being "fake" or pretending like my life is perfect.  There is nothing wrong with having a bad day and asking for prayers or positive vibes being sent your way.  There is nothing wrong with letting people know you have struggles and what's going on.  That's a huge part of social media... is connecting with people on all levels.  What I'm talking about is posting things that won't hurt others.  People are pretty set in their ways these days, honestly, there isn't much I think you can post that will change anyone's political views, or the way they are raising their kids.  There is just so much fighting and contention, it makes me want to go hide under a rock.  Life is too short to harbor feelings of anger towards one another.

I made a goal to share things that mean something to me.  Videos, pictures, quotes, things that make me feel happy and good.  I don't just share them either, I like to give some of my personal thoughts.  I wake up and think, what can I do today to make someone smile?  Or how can I be an answer to someone's prayer?  And that is what is on my mind when I face social media these days.

Sometimes I get blocked or unfriended.  I know I do.  We all do.  Many times when I share something about my faith.  People, I am not trying to convert anyone.  I am simply sharing thoughts that have helped me and put my life and goals into perspectives... and I am pretty sure my other Christian friends and friends of other faiths and beliefs feel the same way when they post things that are meaningful to them.  Try not to let it bother you when people block or unfriend you... it usually isn't you, it's them -- even if it is hurtful.

I made it a goal to stay "funny" and have a healthy sense of humor.  I put that in quotes because many times I am the only one laughing at my cleverness.  (Your loss).  I keep my humor clean.  Little eyes are everywhere.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to block people or their posts for posting nasty things and my kids saw it looking over my shoulder.  Uncool.

I know we live in a scary world.  I know that I can't hide in a bubble.  But I can have some control of my environment and the people with whom I choose to surround myself.

So I challenge you.

Push the Positive.

Think before you post or comment: will this hurt someone?  Will I cause anger and contention by saying this?  Am I setting a good example by sharing this?

Many will argue that it is "man's nature" to act one way or the other.  But I believe we can conquer our "nature" and be better than what is only expected of us.  Who wants to be mediocre?  Not me!  I want to be extraordinary, don't you??

So that's my challenge.  Be extraordinary.  Flood the social media with wonderful things.  Make people feel good about themselves.  Be an answer to someone's prayers.  Be that person that people get on social media to follow.  This world needs good, positive people.  Heaven knows, I need good, positive people in MY life!

Be THAT person and accept my challenge!