Friday, September 20, 2013

Final Challenge Updates and Prizes!!!

I want to apologize for how long this has taken to get up!  Because of the big move, we didn't have internet until last week.  Then it took some time to get all the updates in and then to confirm the prizes with all the sponsors.

I think I have all that I am going to get for now!  If you didn't get your final miles in, sorry.  I sent out 3 email reminders.

This has been a great summer!  I really enjoyed doing this and hearing all your stories and seeing your pictures.  I always LOVE to hear about goals reached and the wonderful fitness challenges you have met along the way.

Hopefully, we will be able to do this challenge next summer, however, I don't know where are going to be or what will be going on in my life at the time... so we will see!

Without further ado, here are the final updates and prizes!

Note:  For prizes, everyone who made it past 120 miles got an entry in the drawing.  Those who made their goals get two.  And those who surpassed their goals get a third.  (For a total of 3 entries possible!) I wish I could give prizes to everyone, but I can't :( But I want you to know that all the winners were chosen at random on  I wanted to be completely and totally fair.

Words from our Challengers:

Ariana ("The Cake Runner") reports:
Our family really enjoyed participating in the challenge together. The 120 mile goal that my kids were working toward encouraged us to go outdoors and explore. We had so many fun adventures this summer because we scheduled lots of outdoor hikes. We got to see some neat wildlife and learned to encourage each other when we got tired and hot. We were all so proud when the kids earned their last mile on the last day of the challenge! We made a chart to keep track of their miles, and they were so excited to color in a nut each time they walked a mile, and they were REALLY excited when they got to color in the last nut! We created and printed off Certificates of Achievement for each of them. My husband and I wanted to do something really exciting for them as a reward and ended up going to the county fair. We all hopped on the Ferris Wheel and felt like we were on top of the world!
Recently, I set a goal to become more active, eat better, and reach a healthy weight. I knew I could get there eventually, but I wasn't expecting to reach my goal this soon. As of this week, I am officially in the healthy weight range and have lost 22 pounds this summer. I have more energy now and don't feel so sick all the time, and I am very grateful for that. This challenge was very motivating for me, and I am grateful for the opportunity we had to participate. Thank you!

Veronica says:
My grand total for the summer was 136 miles! This was the first time I participated in this challenge. THANK YOU for doing this. I discovered that I love running. I would've never thought that running 4-6 miles would be my norm. I plan to continue to challenge myself. Thanks again!
Jordan reports:
Final total is 275.7 miles! That helped me finish my half marathon last Saturday. My calf muscles are still protesting but I was able to exceed my expectations. Thanks for a great challenge!
Jessica C says:
213.67 I missed my goal by less that 7 miles....I kinda feel like a chump but at the same time proud of all the awesome accomplishments I did make this summer. It really has been a wild ride for me and am excited to have gotten so many of those miles running!
Melissa reports:
Thank you so much for doing this challenge! I have really learned to love running and am now signed up for my second 1/2 marathon in November with my sister Mandy!
Final Results!!!
Update by Ariana:

We did it! We reached our goal of hitting all 48 contiguous United States over the summer. But, did we stop there? Nope! In the home stretch you guys ran 986 miles for a remarkable grand total of 7,866 miles! That carried us out of Washington, into Canada, and finally up to Juneau, Alaska - our 49th state! I'm so grateful for everyone's excitement and participation this summer. We have proven that when we support each other, we can reach amazing goals. I hope that we all continue to set higher and higher goals for ourselves, work hard to reach them, and keep on going. 

*Winners of Prizes!!!*
Don't forget to email me your mailing info and phone numbers so I can get you your prize asap!!  Thanks!!!

Prize from our Beach Body Coach, Jessica Carpenter:
#1: A Subscription to a Fitness or Heath Magazine (depending on your personal goals):

The winner is.... Kmalyn!!!

#2: A spot in one of Jessica's 10 Day Shakeology Jump Start Groups (FREE for winner, of course):

The winner is... Eli!!!!

Prize donated by Kristine Clifford:
Yoga Mat Bag

The winner is... RedPeppers!!!!

Prize Donated by Eli and Mandy Adams of Just in Case Preparedness:

And the winner is... Jennifer!!!!
(Personally, I am so jealous of this one!  I am a water bottle guru! lol)

Prize Donated by Natalie Hofler, beauty consultant:

Travel size Timewise Miracle set! Cleanser, moisturizer, night and day solution all in travel sizes!

And the winner is.... Linda K!!!!

Prizes donated by Lydia of LE Creations and Popsies and Lace:
  • Creamy Ivory Rose Vintage Inspired Earrings:
A lucky winner will receive a pair of these lovely, creamy ivory rose, vintage inspired earrings from "Popsies and Lace." Reminiscent of vintage styles, these earrings are sure to wow and amaze! The roses are 14mm and are attached to antique brass earring studs (lead and nickel free). The earrings come with antique brass backings. They will come attached to an earring card and be gift-wrapped in a jewelry box.
To see more from "Popsies and Lace," please check out my shop,, and my facebook page,
The winner is... Tuweety!!!! 

  • Petite Military Cammie Button Earrings:
A lucky winner will receive a pair of these military cammie button earrings from "LE's Creations." The winner will be able to choose what military cammie style they'd like. These button earrings are so simple but classy. Be chic and cute at the same time! Add a pop of military support to your outfits with these little beauties! These earrings are approximately 5/8" in diameter. Cover buttons are wrapped in authentic, military cammie material. They are then securely bonded to silver-plated stud earrings. The earrings come with matching silver backings and will be gift-wrapped. These button earrings are available in the following military styles:
~ Navy
~ Army
~ USMC Desert
~ USMC Woodland
~ Air Force
To see more from "LE's Creations," please check out my shop,, and my facebook page,
And the winner is....  Lydia M!!!!
  • Padded Military Cammie Picture Frame: 
A lucky winner will receive a padded military cammie picture frame from "LE's Creations." The winner will be able to select what military cammie style they'd like, as well as the color of the ribbon bow. This cute picture frame will make a great addition to your military decor! Put your hero's picture or a family picture in it. The content is up to you! This frame is padded and surrounded with the military digital cammie printed fabric of your choice of the below styles:
~ Marine Corps desert
~ Marine Corps woodland
~ Army
~ Navy
~ Air Force
A ribbon bow of your color choice is then added to the left corner.
To see more from "LE's Creations," please check out my shop,, and my facebook page,
You can also check out Lydia's blog here!

The winner is.... Leigh!!!

Prize Donated by April Long, Beauty Consultant:
Satin Hands Pampering Set!!
The winner is... Marisa S!!!!

Prize Donated by the FAM Farm:
Homemade Slim & Sassy Goat's milk Bar of Soap.
(Slim and sassy is Doterra's metabolic blend and it has grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon essential oils)
The winner is... Bobbi Jo!!!

Prize Donated by Libby from AdoramaPix, Social Media Manager Adoramapix:
Adoramapix is donating ONE of the following to the winner (winner's choice):
*A photo book or
*A metal photo print

The winner is... Jordan!!!!!

Prize Donated by Mypi Hair Accessories:
Mya is sweet girl who has agreed to donate some (3) assorted, knitted, hair flowers AND a headband she made for her shop:

The winner is... Wendy!!!

Prize Donated by Elizabeth Betts of Baby Me Boutique:
A head wrap!
The winner is... Camie H!!!

Prize donated by ME, Cat, from the Worsted Crochet Blog:
"Rose Scarf" inspired by Doctor Who
The winner is... Mandy!!!

Prize Donated by Heidi Blake from the Worsted Crochet Blog:
Women's Halloween Fun Hat!!!

The winner is... Liz!!!!

Special Prize by Me:
And lastly, I just want to give a special shout out to The Little Red Cardinals!!!  Our ONLY kid team that made the mile challenge goal this summer!!  For being such good little sports, I am personally going to send them a SPECIAL PRIZE for being such amazing kiddos!!!

A Special Thanks to Ariana who took time out of her busy schedule to help us out with the updates this summer!!!  I might not have done this again this year had she not volunteered to help me out.  It gets overwhelming!

Thanks again to everyone who participated this year!!  It was so much fun!  And Don't forget to check out my earring giveaway going on right now!! (Click here)



Ariana said...

Holy cow! Those are some awesome prizes! Seriously. My Little Red Cardinals are so excited that they earned a prize. Thank you, Cat! It's been an amazing summer.

Sorry about my long-winded post that I sent in about the challenge. I didn't realize I'd written so much. I must have been really excited. LOL!

Jordan said...

Hooray, I'm so excited! Thanks again for the great challenge and to all the wonderful sponsors!

macylee36 said...

Hey is that last one me? Never know if there's another Liz! Great giveaways tho!